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Karie Gower, LCAT, ATR-BC
Art Therapist & 
Trauma Therapist

You deserve time and space for healing

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Meet Karie

Karie is a New York State licensed creative arts therapist (LCAT) and a nationally registered, board certified art therapist (ATR-BC), offering individual, family and couples therapy, as well as art therapy supervision.  

Areas of Practice

You may benefit from this work if you have experienced these common symptoms or feelings which include, but are not limited to, post traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, grief, anger, aggression, hopelessness, attachment difficulties, disruptive behaviors, gender identity and/or sexuality exploration, somatic symptoms, dissociation and family system challenges.

Art Therapy

Trauma Informed Care

EMDR Therapy

Parts of Self Work

Mindfulness & Body Based Work

Healing Attachment Wounds


"You pushed me to be a better person without even trying. All the questions you asked were difficult but made me think about things deeper than I thought I could and made me grow as a person. I am really proud of who I am now."

Client, age 15

1. You must let the pain visit.

2. You must allow it to teach you.

3. You must not allow it to overstay.

Ijeoma Umebinyuo

three routes to healing

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